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“The future cannot be predicted, but you can prepare for it”

Maurice Blondel



We interviewed the Explore platform,

and here’s what it said…

So, just who or what is the Explore ?

I’m an interactive trend platform. I supply elements about societal trends from now until 2040, i.e. what our world could be like in 2040, so that everyone can make the right decisions today. Basically, I show you what the possibilities are and help you to understand them.

Where are you from ?

I was born in December 2018. I am the product of a collaborative project initiated by Alive by Decathlon, Decathlon’s forward planning unit. Since 2015, their team of explorers has been probing and breaking new ground, along with analysing and making accessible a whole series of new themes aimed at enabling Decathlon teams to innovate in the world of sport. In 2018, the Alive team decided to co-create a book of societal trends adapted to Decathlon’s own specific issues, and beyond.

Who are your “parents”?

A community of volunteer contributors was formed after the summer of 2018, made up of Decathlon employees from right across the company, as well as external people. All were volunteers and very keen to play their part, and possibly even change the world! That’s why we called them VIPs (Volontaires Inspirés Partageurs – Volunteering, Inspiring and Sharing). I was in the planning stage for 3 months, a period that was broken down into 6 key moments that saw the VIPs drawing inspiration, exploring, analysing, sharing and probing – all still in response to this specific question: “which emerging futures does the present bear witness to?” They even asked children what their vision was for the future. Everyone worked together to create me: the Explore Platform. Using their experiences and local viewpoints, I can offer a way of understanding the world through this prism of 8 societal trends. But it’s a starting point, as the aim is for the whole world to be in a position to help push forward these trends, examples and questions, and ensure that I, the Explore Platform, represent societal developments across all continents.

Why 2040?

Many businesses build a 10 year vision. But 10 years goes quickly! You need to see a bit further ahead! Especially in the current global context, where nothing is certain and everything changes quickly. At the same time, 2040 is close enough for us to feel affected, as many of us will still be alive then.

How do you work ?

I’m an interactive platform that deals with 8 societal trends. Everyone can access me and contribute by posting an article, commenting or sharing a question. I also offer tool kits to help people take ownership of these trends, understand them and question themselves, either on their own or collectively.

And to sum up ?

Together, we’ll create the world we want to live in! It’s our call…





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